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For Ireland I get: # This is the most basic ntp configuration file # The driftfile must remain in a place specific to this # machine - it records the machine specific clock error driftfile /etc/ntp.drift logfile /var/log/# NTP Servers for Ireland from server 0org server 1org server 2org server 3org # Using local hardware clock as fallback # Disable this when using ntpd -q -g -x as ntpdate or it will sync to itself # server # fudge stratum 14 # Defining a default security setting restrict mask nomodify notrap The driftfile specifies the file that is used to store information about previous responses from the NTP servers you are using.

This file contains internal information for NTP – leave it at /etc/ntp.drift If you only want to allow machines within your own network to synchronize their clocks with your server, but ensure they are not allowed to configure the server, set the restrict value as above. Important – make sure that you comment out the server and fudge lines or the server will sync to itself!

If your Raspberry Pi is not connected to the Internet, you are out of luck and the only option is to buy and install an RTC module.

starts the NTP daemon and uses the NTP server entries in the file to synchronize its local time setting.If you wish to set the time you could do it on a once-off basis…However, if you reboot your Beaglebone the time will be back to the good old year 2000.So, we need a way to update this each time the Beaglebone boots.From here, you can change the time service with the first option if you'd like, but the first thing you should do is tick the "Enable" box beneath the From here, there are additional options for tweaking the synchronization process to your liking, but most users should be satisfied with leaving these set to their default values.Aside from that, to ensure that your clock stays in sync when you're traveling, tick the box next to the "Detect time zone" option.

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If you use the chat room and do not agree to these terms cannot and will not be held responsible. Of Course, this is the place for Relationship and Dating Talk.

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They first settled in Pennsylvania, then spread to the Midwest states.

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I had planned to take Mike and my nephew to a football game and make it a guys-only weekend.

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All models are at least 18 years of age at the date of production. Duration of free trial period is subject to change.

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Should the relationship evolve, there will be plenty of time to get into weighty topics. When a person reveals too much too soon, it can give a false sense of intimacy.